Company profiles

The Leiden Bio Science Park includes many different companies. Each with its own story. Members of the OVBSP introduce themselves

  • Working together in LSH works
    Leiden Bio Science Park is a center of science and innovation, where thousands of people work on the health of the future. Joining forces gives an important advantage here. The OVBSP highlights examples of smart partnerships. This time we speak … Read more
  • Aneta Schaap-Oziemlak – Bio-inspired Think Tank
    How did your business start?. It started when I was completing my fourth postdoc in Warsaw, Poland. It was my ambition to start my first company! To promote collaboration between industry and academia! In short: to set up my own … Read more
  • Jan Voskuil – Aeonian Biotech
    How did your business start? I identified problems with commercial antibodies used in research and diagnostics. I, along with others, raised these issues years ago through discussions on social media such as LinkedIn, which gave me the opportunity to bring … Read more