19 April 2023 Debate: Should we modify babies’ DNA?

Mogen we het DNA van Baby's aanpassen?

Science and Ethics

Science may be value-free, but the application of science is not. That is why the Education Network South Holland organises debates for students and scientists from the field.

Leiden Science and Debate Day

  • Date & venue 19 April 10am-4pm / debate rounds: 10.30am – 3.15pm
  • Hogeschool Leiden Zernikedreef 11
  • Target group Upper secondary school pupils from the Leiden region
  • Topic: modifying human DNA

This Leiden Science and Debate Day is part of the educational innovation project Debate and Science in the Classroom 2022-2024. The pupils have already attended 1 or 2 debate workshops on human DNA adaptations prior to this day.

If you / your company think you can contribute to the success of this day in another way (e.g. through interesting cases in the teaching material), please send an e-mail to the ICLON institute at Leiden University.

Requested contribution:

Enthusiastic young researchers who would like to work as experts for 1-2 hours in the morning or afternoon of 19 April and visit a number of debate groups to answer questions and discuss a ‘wild card’ with students. This wild card or knowledge card is prepared by the organisation in advance and gives the expert a practical tool to enter into discussion with pupils and helps pupils broaden the discussion.

More info via links:

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Send an e-mail to Jorim Visser (ONZ)

The OVBSP believes that enthusing young people for science is important; these are their employees of the future. That is why the OVBSP itself organises several events such as the Life Science Cafes, Tech Talks and CEO breakfasts and lunches.

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