24 October 2022 – Micro Day at BTF

Leiden2022 Micro Day at BTF

Together with BioPartner Leiden and OVBSP Leiden, we are organizing a Leiden2022 – European City of Science activity on Monday 24 October. The whole family is welcome! During this day, there are various activities in which everyone from 8 years of age can participate (for children aged 4-8 we have a handicraft corner):

Small but nice: come and see what different microorganisms look like under a microscope.

Dress for success:you’ve probably heard a lot about vaccines and vaccine manufacturing in recent years. The people involved in the production of vaccines put on special clothing. Find out why and experience yourself what it’s like to wear such clothes.

PCR Game: PCR here, PCR there! What exactly is PCR? Learn more by playing our game and create your own reaction.

Micro Scavenger Hunt: challenge yourself on the scavenger hunt through our facility.

Our little guests (4-8 years) can show their creativity on fun micro coloring pages and create their own microorganisms.

You can register for the FREE event here.

Biotech Training Facility (BTF) Hands-on Pharmaceutical Training Sylviusweg 70, 2333 BE Leiden, Netherlands

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