Bio Science Park crucial to Leiden economy

Want to know more about the how and why of the Leiden Economic Programme?

Leiden Economic Programme

Leiden must remain a city for everyone. A place where everyone can work, live, do business, enjoy recreation and where the living environment meets the highest standards. That is why Leiden entrepreneurs, together with experts and partners, have thought about how we as a city can invest in the future. How we can ensure economic recovery, development and innovation. How we can embrace the opportunities and challenges of tomorrow and jointly seek out a new economic cluster that matches the city’s DNA. In short, how we can fully focus on sustainable recovery and increasing the resilience of the Leiden economy. Everything comes together in the Leiden Economic Programme. The four (economic) clusters that Leiden has to offer have been examined: the visitor economy, the Leiden Bio Science Park, the business parks and the district shopping centres.

Four Leiden clusters

The Leiden Economic Programme looks at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges of the four (economic) clusters in Leiden. Each cluster makes a unique contribution to the city. Whereas the Leiden Bio Science Park is characterised by a strong biotechnological cluster and provides employment for more than 19,000 people, the district shopping centres provide a strong local base of services. The centre distinguishes itself with a strong visitor economy with its non-daily offer of terraces, shops, catering and culture. Finally, the business parks provide space for a wide range of entrepreneurs and companies and ensure a strong local amenity level and broad employment.

Seventeen Sustainable Development Goals

To prepare Leiden for the opportunities and challenges of tomorrow, the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a green thread running through the Leiden Economic Programme. The SDGs (see page 5) are a development agenda for the year 2030 and can be divided into goals for people, industry, a sustainable planet and goals for better and more effective cooperation. The uniqueness of these goals is that they can only be achieved through cooperation, such as through covenants, public-private partnerships or agreements. We believe that changes and innovations come from below, with a government that creates the conditions for joint solutions and innovations. In this way, all citizens of Leiden work together to build the Leiden of tomorrow’.

In the press

To be seen from Tuesday evening 28 September 2021 at 18.00 on TV channel 1412 or 40 (Ziggo) and online: This time the guest will be:

  • Jasper Visser, of @stichting Leiden2030, expert and advisor for the Leiden Economic Programme
  • Bas Reichert, Chairman of the entrepreneurs’ association Leiden Bio Science Park
  • Esther Peters, Director of NL Space Campus
  • Joanne van der Leun, Dean Law School Leiden University
  • Yvonne van Delft, Alderman for Economic Affairs
  • Nico Tates, Chairman Entrepreneurial Leiden

Recorded in the beautiful Academy Building of Leiden University, on the Rapenburg with thanks to Lilian Visscher

Have a look at a short impression here:

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