Can you handle the stimuli of working in the office again?

Kun jij de prikkels van op kantoor werken weer aan?

During the Corona period, the average person took a big hit. Even now, when the world is unsettled in many other ways, people get affected to a greater or lesser extent. It is not always (immediately) visible what this does to someone and their environment.

A change in organisation can also throw someone more out of whack than you see coming. Relationships change when people and situations change. Because everything is interlinked, it is sometimes difficult to be aware of possible consequences of events, to pick up the signals in yourself or others and respond to them in time.

As an organisation, you benefit from not being caught off guard by drop-outs. That people move with what is moving in the organisation, but also outside it.

As a person, you benefit from having a finger on the pulse for that which is visible as well as invisible. No one unknowingly wants to cross boundaries that are not good for them.

Increasing awareness in terms of personal perception, interaction with the environment, career prospects or development of general and specific skills (soft skills), is a way for all involved to stay healthy, grow and reduce risks of dropping out.

Coaching at Bepper

Bepper has an offer for companies and organisations in the BioSciencepark. Several clients working in the BioSciencepark have already found their way to Bepper’s relaxed and pleasant practice in a monumental building in the centre of Leiden.

Bepper offers a subscription whereby organisations can offer coaching programmes to their employees at a very advantageous rate.

Not only does a subscription save financially compared to our already modest rate, it also has many other advantages. We know the sector well and know what conditions your employee works in and what is going on in the sector. A preferred supplier also means that we are a pair of extra eyes and ears for your organisation to pick up signals that may remain invisible to you. A conversation about possible areas for improvement is therefore one of the components of a subscription.

You can read more about this offer on this webpage of Bepper Coaching & Training. Even without a subscription, the rates may not be too bad for you.

If you have any questions or would like to meet, please contact Liesbeth Bouwhuis via email ( or phone (+31 6 12 400 150)

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