Design Competition Bicycle Tunnel

Deadline 22 January 2023

The Rijnsburgertunnel is one of the important connecting tunnels between the city centre and the Leiden Bio Science Park (LBSP). Every day, many residents, visitors, schoolchildren, students and employees use the bicycle tunnel. To make it even more attractive to use the tunnel, the municipality and the artists of ARTvertisements want to work with you to create a work of art for on the walls in the tunnel. The theme is “the connection between knowledge and culture, between LBSP and the city centre.” You don’t need any experience to participate!

Design competition

The municipality hired the Leiden artists of ARTvertisements to design the overall artwork in the Rijnsburg Tunnel. They are paid for their work according to the Fair Practice Code. These artists incorporate the winning entries into their design for the final artwork. This will create a large collage of entries in the form of a 60-metre-long artwork.

The artists of ARTvertisements together with the municipality, choose the most unique entries to incorporate into the final design. The artwork will be up to 60 metres long! That is why ARTvertisements will incorporate several submissions in the final artwork. How cool is it if your own creative design can soon be seen in the Rijnsburger Tunnel?

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Kijk voor de voorwaarden op Doemee Leiden

The deadline for submitting your own design is 8 January 2023 22 January 2023

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