Development Hartlijn started

The municipality of Leiden has ordered the relocation of 21 oaks for the construction of the so-called ‘Hartlijn’. During the relocation, ‘ratchet strips’ are used to chase away the birds, and these plastic strips come loose and roam around.

For the construction of the so-called Hartlijn, a green route for cyclists and pedestrians across the Bio Science Park, 21 oaks along the Zernikedreef have to disappear. The intention is that the trees will be replanted rather than felled. According to the planning this will happen later this month.

Because the breeding season started in mid-March, the contractor who will carry out the job on behalf of the municipality of Leiden has tied plastic ratchet strips in the trees concerned. These strips should prevent birds from nesting in the oaks. Trees should be left alone when birds are nesting or raising young in them.

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