€140,000 available for further training in Bio Sciences

Rapid technological developments make new demands on the knowledge and skills of employees at the Leiden Bio Science Park. Companies and educational institutions work there to improve the well-being and health of people at home and abroad. As in many other sectors, the work at the companies at the Bio Science Park is changing. In order to ensure that employees continue to develop their skills, the province is investing €140,000 in the Human Capital sub-agreement Ecosystem LLO (Lifelong Learning) Bio Sciences via the Human Capital Agreement. This initiative is being carried out by the partners of the Centre for Innovative Expertise (CIV) Bio Sciences, under the leadership of Rijnland mbo.

Learning Community

The Ecosystem LLO Bio Sciences will set up a so-called Learning Community at MBO and HBO level. Life Long Development (LLO) lies at the basis of this community. This means that employees can continue to learn during their career in order to keep their skills and knowledge up to date through courses, training programmes and master classes, among other things.

“South Holland’s economy will get an extra boost if employees and companies continue to invest in the continuous acquisition of new knowledge. The province is therefore investing in programmes that stimulate life-long development. The acquisition of new knowledge thus creates new opportunities in an innovative South Holland.”

Gedeputeerde Willy de Zoete (Economy – Human Capital):

Retraining 200 employees

The plan is to train 200 employees. Subjects the employees will learn more about include Bio Informatics, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Regenerative Medicine. There will also be training in digital skills. CIV partners Hogeschool Leiden and Biotech Training Facility (BTF) will provide the training.

“Together we ensure that knowledge and skills at Leiden Bio Science Park are always up-to-date. By working together with companies through our continuing education centre and the BTF, we can gear our training courses for professionals perfectly to their daily practice. Through this interaction, knowledge from the companies also flows smoothly back into secondary and higher vocational education.”

Maria Plug, Manager of the Centre for Bioscience and Diagnostics at Leiden University of Applied Sciences:

Human Capital

Ecosystem LLO Bio Sciences is part of the broader Human Capital Accord. This agreement was signed in June 2019 by 66 parties and sectors in Zuid-Holland. The province of Zuid-Holland and Economic Board Zuid-Holland are the initiators of the Human Capital Accord. It aims to make optimal use of the talent of those in work. Read more about the Human Capital Agreement on the website of Economic Board Zuid-Holland.

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