FAFS? Important right now

One reaction of some employers is to postpone, during the coronapandemic, the training of the FAFS. After all, many employees work from home, right?

Even now it remains important to pay sufficient attention to your FAFS organization. During the pandemic there may still be people on location or on the work floor. As soon as people are present on the work floor, the Working Conditions Act applies and you must ensure that your in-house emergency response team is in order. This epidemic will not change that.

It can happen that colleagues become unwell during working hours. Well-trained and competent in-house emergency response personnel can respond appropriately in these situations.

“Employers remain obliged, even now, to have safety in the workplace in order. So as far as courses and exams are concerned, they can continue within the guidelines and established protocols.”

How does Huschka Safety Services handle this?

  • We now also offer E-Learning in a group format. With the BHV E-Learning students can follow the theory part of the BHV course on their computer, smartphone or tablet. The practical part that follows can be done in-company or in our training center.
  • We have taken the necessary measures to make the courses ‘coronaproof’ (such as smaller groups, gloves, mouth masks, 1.5 meters distance, etc.)
  • The programs are adapted on Covid-19.

So don’t wait too long to schedule your FAFS course!

If you have any questions about the E-Learning or would like to schedule the FAFS course again as soon as possible. If so, please contact us at 071 58 93 062 or email us at opleidingen@huschka.nl. We are happy to help you to get the FAFS organization fully trained again!

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