Grown with passion, love and coffee grounds!

They also call it the vegetarian steak: the oyster mushroom. The oyster mushroom is a mushroom that gets its name from its oyster-shaped cap. Unlike the mushroom, its flavour is full but also soft, creamy and nutty. This delicate flavour makes the mushroom a wonderful product to cook with. And the great thing is, growing it is super easy! Fungi Farmers grows them organically, with the help of, yep, coffee grounds!

Deliciously organic!

Fungi Farmers collects coffee grounds and plastic buckets by carrier bicycle from various companies in the Elburg area. The coffee grounds are turned into substrate, which is used to cultivate oyster mushrooms in the collected buckets. The freshly grown oyster mushrooms are then delivered back to the companies (and individuals). A great way to help create a cleaner and more sustainable city, and it also yields a delicious and healthy product!

What are oyster mushrooms?

Oyster mushrooms belong to the vegetable and legume product group and, like other mushrooms, are a fungus. They get their name from their oyster-shaped cap, which can grow up to 20 centimetres in size. Apart from being a super nice product to work with and can be used in many different ways, these mushrooms are also healthy with a health value of 7.1!

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