Improved accessibility by public transport

Lines 9, 38 and 90

Lines 38 and 90 offer a half-hourly service to and from the Bio Science Park (BSP) on weekdays during the day. In the evening hours only line 90 has an hourly service. In the peak hours these lines are supplemented by the new city line 9 from Leiden Central Station over the Bio Science Park back to Leiden Central Station.

In the morning rush hour, line 9 drives the round through BSP clockwise, in the afternoon rush hour anti-clockwise.

Effective 9 January 2022

In the winter timetable, these three lines together run a trip to and from the BSP every 5 minutes in the peak hours, in the spring timetable (roughly the months of May and June) every 10 minutes and in the holidays (Christmas and summer) lines 38 and 90 still run the half-hour service together.


Lines 9, 38 and 90 with destination or via BSP depart from the same platform of the Leiden Centraal bus station and will have the additional destination indication ‘via Bio Science Park’ on the front of the bus.

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