Leidens Ontzet: increase your goodwill, network and brand awareness

Leidens Ontzet is a unique event. With one of the largest popular festivals in the Netherlands, we celebrate and commemorate the liberation of the city on 3 October 1574 every year. A living tradition of almost 450 years!

The 3 October Vereeniging has been organising this event since 1886. With activities such as the mini-choral (with all primary school children), the distribution of herring and white bread and 3 October University (in cooperation with Leiden University), we involve as many people as possible in the ideas of freedom and solidarity. No less than 300 people work on this, supported by 3,000 enthusiasts and 16,700 members. The crowning glory of all our efforts is that Leidens Ontzet is officially recognised as Dutch heritage.

Leidens Ontzet is visited by around 200,000 visitors from Leiden and surrounding areas. 3 October can only be celebrated so grandly thanks to the structural support of the business community. As a company you can help make the Festivities possible in various ways. In exchange for your involvement, the 3 October Vereeniging offers many exclusive privileges.

  • The 3 October Guild. The Guild is a group of entrepreneurs from Leiden and surroundings. Entrepreneurs with a Leiden heart. Among other things, the Gilde makes the Big Hutspot meal on 2 October possible. Participants in the Guild donate a symbolic contribution of 310 (three ten) euros per year. The Gilde also organises an annual Herring Auction. In recent years, the proceeds have benefited the celebration of Leidens Ontzet in care institutions in and around Leiden.
  • 3 October partner. You can also choose to support us on a one-off basis. You can do so by advertising in our communication tools. This is a great opportunity to increase your brand awareness! There are packages available for exposure in a live broadcast, in the unique 3 October Magazine and in the 3 October App. You will be in the picture all over Leiden and the surrounding area!

You can find all possibilities on the website of the 3 October Vereeniging: https://3october.nl/steun-ons.

Creative as the 3 October Vereeniging is with the organisation of the Festival of Festivities, they would also like to think along with you about which partnership would suit you best. Perhaps a combination of one and the other, are you thinking of a float in the Grand Parade, or do you have a better idea? Please contact René Preenen of the 3 October Vereeniging: renepreenen@3october.nl / 06-51458091

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