Every Leiden citizen has at some point walked in the tattoo. It is part of Leiden’s education to present yourself and your association to the population of Leiden at least once in your life prior to the 3 October celebrations. Every year, around 40 sports, scouting and cultural clubs with 3000 members parade through the city centre. And every year, more than 30,000 people from Leiden enjoy the event from the sidelines. They see their child, nephew, grandchild, neighbour in the tattoo that they themselves once marched.

This year the 3 October Vereeniging would like to offer the clubs extra entertainment at the assembly point, to make the wait for the start less strenuous. For this, extra money is needed.

The 3 October Vereeniging is asking companies in the Leiden Bio Science Park to contribute financially to the Leiden party of all parties. If you and your company would like to contribute, please contact Bertram Wesselman by mail or phone 06 53327157. And help make the tattoo even more beautiful.

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