Let AI work for you

During an informative and entertaining company visit to Teekens Karstens on 1 December next, Landscape‘s Erwin Haas will introduce us to the world of Artificial Intelligence.

Maybe the talk of AI is getting to you by now (‘what a hype’). Maybe you haven’t engaged with it much yet (but feel you ‘should’). But is that justified?

Last year, “AI & Data Science” was named as one of the five innovation themes of the Leiden Bio Science Park. And we think this is justified. There is an awful lot of data going around in the Life and Bio Sciences and much of it is not yet being used to its full potential. A shame!

But how do you exploit that potential? And what is actually possible? Do you really need to work with AI or is there other added value to be gained from your data? And what data then?

Using a number of examples, Erwin Haas from Landscape will give you an insight into the developments and possibilities of the field. What can you do with your (research) data? Does it really need AI? And where is your untapped potential?

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1 December 2022
16.00 uur
TK, Vondellaan 51, Leiden

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