Need money for an innovative idea?

The Leiden Stimulation Fund supports initiators who respond to the rapidly changing world. Goal: increase the resilience of our local economy. Do you have a plan that will help, but are you short of funds to realize it? See what the Leiden Stimulation Fund can contribute to your initiative.

For a resilient economy

Change is the constant. That is why we need to bet on resilience, the ability to cash in on opportunities. The Entrepreneurs Fund Leiden welcomes any initiative that answers market questions related to:

  • innovation
  • corona-economy
  • digitization
  • energy transition
  • circular economy

Leiden Stimulation Fund selects promising initiatives and honors them with financial start-up support. The support amounts are in the range € 5.000 – € 50.000. Are you working on an initiative that will make Leiden more resilient? Every calendar month there is an application round.

It must always be a partnership. In addition, it is important that the initiative is aimed at sustainably strengthening the economy and applicants must provide at least 30% co-financing themselves.

At a minimum, your plan should include a description of purpose, efforts/activities, expected outcome, a schedule, a budget, and a coverage plan.


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