New Factory pharmaceutical group Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS) at Leiden Bio Science Park

In the Oegstgeester part of the Leiden Bio Science Park, a new cell therapy facility of the American company Bristol Myers Squibb will be built. This biopharmaceutical company will produce and develop the CAR-T cell therapy for patients with blood cancer (leukemia) and others.

BMS was looking for a location for a new factory in Europe to deliver its cell therapies to European patients as soon as possible. The company announced Thursday morning that the choice has fallen on the Netherlands.

The availability of many highly skilled employees with knowledge of drug production and development was a decisive factor in choosing the Netherlands, says Véronique Walsh, general manager of BMS Benelux. ‘The Netherlands has a tremendously rich ecosystem. That enables us to recruit enough people quickly.’ The production facility will employ at least five hundred people.

Bas Reichert, chairman of the entrepreneurs association OVBSP: “We welcome BMS to the Leiden BioScience Park and see this as an important development for the Park. It will stimulate education and talent acquisition in the region. It will probably lead to an increase in service providers and suppliers for all the companies in the park. This will increase the prestige and attractiveness of the Park.

The OVBP sees BMS’ choice of the LBSP as a recognition of the excellent life science ecosystem. This confirms all the more the need for better accessibility and parking at the park and housing for our employees.

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