New traffic situation on Zernikedreef as of Friday 14 January

On Friday 14 January 2022, a ‘new’ traffic situation will arise for cars and lorries. Traffic from Sylviusweg and Zernikedreef will use the newly constructed carriageway between the two watercourses (Trambaan). From Einsteinweg, traffic will use part of the ‘old lane’ to the south of the watercourses.

Narrowing of the carriageway is necessary to create the new layout. In the new situation, a green strip will be created between the carriageway and the footpath. At the end of January, some of the trees that have been retained will be transplanted to their new location on Zernikedreef (near Einsteinweg).

Preparatory works

Preparations for the new tree locations start in mid-January 2022. When the trees have been moved, work on the footpath and cycle path for TNO (phase 5) will start in February.

What does this mean for traffic?

At the moment, the spot where the trees will be planted is still paved. In mid-January 2022, one lane of the Zernikedreef, between Einsteinweg and Sylviusweg, will become work zone. From that moment on, the new traffic situation for cars and lorries will take effect, with the two directions being split by water. It is therefore no longer possible to turn left onto the Sylviusweg from the direction of Einsteinweg-Zernikedreef. The Sylviusweg can be reached by car and lorry traffic from the Plesmanlaan via, for instance, the Archimedesweg (see drawing). Trucks will also no longer be able to stop on the carriageway to load or unload. This is a permanent change to the traffic situation to improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians in the area.

Traffic change 14 January 2022

The municipality expects the traffic situation to change by 14 January 2022. It depends on the weather conditions whether we will be able to carry out the necessary work in time.

For more information, please visit the website of Bam Infra.

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