Park Management

It is important to business owners that their park is safe and looks good.

We consider it very important that the users/businesses at the park have an unambiguous and easily found “counter” where they can make signals, questions or wishes known.

Bas Reichert

Employees of companies and other users of the park are often the first to notice when something is wrong. By reporting this, together we keep the park safe and presentable.

You can address a public space notification to Raïssa Koppenol +31 (0) 6 57541775

Urgent reports regarding safety can be passed on to the emergency number 112

For other reports regarding public space, there are the following channels:

Park management is an important task of the entrepreneurs’ association, which is invested in the LBSP Foundation. The association of entrepreneurs directs the foundation and supervises the execution. By park management we mean:

  • Contact, overview and brokerage function for spaces in existing buildings
  • Reception of future & new residents (after acquisition: ‘warm bath’)
  • Point of contact for national acquisition
  • Participate in consultations regarding quality LBSP & buildings (e.g. BREEM sustainability certificate)
  • Represent LBSP regarding accessibility
  • Contact and information point for permits, safety (e.g. Keurmerk Veilig Ondernemen) etc.
  • Signal function management & major maintenance of public space
  • Consultation, creation and monitoring of framework agreements for management of public space (e.g. mowing, salt spreading, wifi)
  • Do small maintenance and repair work public space

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