Safely through the holidays

Advice from Team Huschka

The holiday season is upon us. Your company might be closed during this period. In order to guarantee the (fire) safety in and around your business premises, we would like to bring the following We would like to bring the following to your attention.

De OVBSP heeft een raamovereenkomst met Huschka Beveiliging. Leden van de ondernemersvereniging kunnen met korting diensten van Huschka afnemen.

Some precautions you can take

  • Remove all flammable (building) materials (pallets, wood storage etc.) around or near your premises.
  • Close outbuildings, bicycle sheds, storage areas properly on the last working day.
  • Close letterboxes (because of fireworks). If necessary, have the mail held until after your recess.
  • Check your exterior/ground lighting. If there are any dark corners, leave the lights on inside.
  • Make sure that containers or outdoor waste bins are not in sight. Remove them if possible, but at least make sure they are emptied.
  • Empty roll containers and store them indoors (out of reach of third parties).
  • Have construction containers emptied on time.
  • If (construction) containers cannot be placed in an enclosed area, place them at least 10 metres from the façade (secured with chain and lock to prevent movement).

Other points of attention are

  • Make your employees/services responsible for the closing rounds of your premises aware that they must carry out a comprehensive fire and closing round on the last working day of the year.
  • Pay extra attention to the entire outer shell: close all windows and doors. Do not forget any external (storage) areas.
  • Attention should also be paid to switching off (Christmas) lights.
  • Finally, check whether the alert addresses entered at your control centre are still correct.

For more information, please contact Team Huschka.

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