Students figure it out

Students figure it out

Antwerp Management School
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Contact these students to tackle your business challenges

As an organisation, you can benefit from cooperation with these young high potentials in various ways: hire a team of master’s students to work on a business challenge, a venture building project or an innovation sprint.

Why are Master’s students your best choice?

  • You will get a refreshing look, new insights, innovative ideas, creative solutions and practical recommendations.
  • The theory is fresh in their minds, ready to be applied
  • They are accompanied by our coaches and academic supervisor
  • Quality advice in a short time span Our advisory service is budget-friendly

What can you expect?

You can hire a team of students to work full-time for your company for about 8 weeks. You can choose a management issue specific to your company, related to a specific area of expertise: China- Europe Challenges, HR, Air & Maritime Transport Management, Supply Chain, Sales, Marketing, Strategy, Internationalisation, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, and Fashion.

You can expect a thorough business report consisting of:

  • Clearly defined problem definition and research questions
  • Steps taken & methodology Analysis & results
  • Conclusion & practical advice

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