What would you do with 1.6 billion?

Online consultation Old Line from Thursday 14 March to 30 April.

The Southern Randstad will grow significantly in the coming years. 170,000 homes and 85,000 jobs will be added in the cities along the Old Line such as Leiden, The Hague, Delft, Schiedam, Rotterdam and Dordrecht. It is important that these new residential and work locations are well connected by public transport. That is why the national and regional governments are investing 1.6 billion in the Old Line and opening up housing locations around the Old Line, including Leiden Centraal interchange.

Leiden Central Station

Leiden Central Station forms both a physical and a perceived barrier between the City of Leiden and Leiden Bio Science Park. With the plan development as part of the redevelopment of the station area, there is an opportunity to comment on this.

Give your opinion

The online consultation asks residents questions about the choices that can be made for the Old Line and station areas. A so-called Participatory Value Evaluation (PWE) mimics the choices the government has to make as closely as possible. Residents are presented with several dilemmas: should we build new stations? Increase the frequency of sprint trains? Or rather improve bicycle connections to the stations? And should we make space in station areas mainly for cyclists and pedestrians? Or rather for green spaces? Or for housing and offices?

The results of the consultation will provide a sharp picture of residents’ preferences, common values and concerns and will feed into the participation process already launched in Leiden in January. The consultation will be open from Thursday 14 March to 30 April. The first results are expected to be made public before the summer.

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