Whatsapp Neighbourhood Prevention launched

During a meeting of Facility managers and Company Emergency Officers (BHV-ers) on 24 November 2022, a start was made on the Whatsapp Neighbourhood Prevention at the Leiden Bio Science Park.

Game rules

  • Use the app groups for business purposes only. Use the app briefly and purposefully. This is to avoid discussions or storylines where notifications (may) get snowed under.
  • Do not spread disinformation! Be sure to report especially when it comes to suspicious situations.
  • Never take actions yourself in case of suspicious situations or vandalism but report it (also) to the police.
  • By participating in the app group (s), your phone number is visible to others. It is not allowed (without explicit permission) to exchange names and/or phone numbers with people outside the app group(s)
  • The app groups are managed by a designated person from the business association. Signing up individuals (name and phone number) can be done by sending an SMS or whatsapp message to 0681549183. You can also send an e-mail to whatsapp@ovbsp.nl
  • If you decide you no longer want to be part of the whatsapp group(s), you are responsible for “leaving the group”.
  • The board (designated person from the business association) is authorised to remove individuals from the whatsapp group if there is reason to do so.

The Bio Science Park will be divided into four zones. Upon registration, you will be assigned to all zones. You can opt out of zones you are not interested in at any time.

Reporting an incident

If you wish to report an incident via the Whatsapp Neighbourhood Prevention, please at least mention your name, company, street and house number and description of the incident. And if known, what actions have been taken (have emergency services been called in?).


Register by sending a text or whatsapp message to 0681549183. You can also send an e-mail to whatsapp@ovbsp.nl and indicate your 06 number, name, position, company, street and house number.

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