Slipperiness control

Depending on the weather forecast, the supplier will ensure the timely application of road salt in the relevant areas. Where necessary, snow is also cleared. Reliable service at competitive prices. The supplier visits your location and gives you a quotation based on your own wishes and circumstances.

The OV BSP has concluded an agreement for ice control with Velzel Hoveneniers & Groeningenieurs. The agreement with the descriptions and conditions can be found in this protocol.

Participation and registration

Please contact Velzel Hoveniers by sending an email to
If necessary, Velzel will make an appointment to inspect your terrain and to make arrangements concerning the accessibility of your terrain for the gritters and other equipment in case your terrain is closed off with fences or other security measures.

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Jan Willem Velzel Spreader
T: 06-51851505 T: 06-13767216

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